What is HIETexas?

HIETexas is the state-level health information network operated by the Texas Health Services Authority (“the Authority”) pursuant to its mandate under Chapter 182, Texas Health and Safety Code. This network covers the entire state across the public and private sectors.

HIETexas dramatically increases health care providers’ access to patients’ health information to ensure that patients receive the right care, from the right health care providers, at the right time.

How does HIE operate in Texas?

The Authority is responsible for statewide HIE under state law, and partners with local HIEs (listed below) to provide statewide connectivity. These HIEs cover different regions, allowing their participants to exchange health information within that region. The Authority is also responsible for statewide HIE governance through implementation of the State HIE Plan.

See the links below to find a local HIE organization that services your area:

In addition to local HIE organizations, there are multiple ways to exchange health data across the state and nation.