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About the Texas Health Services Authority

The Texas Health Services Authority (the Authority) was formed under Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 182 for the purpose of promoting, implementing, and facilitating the secure electronic exchange of health information in the State of Texas.


HIETexas dramatically increases health care providers’ access to patients’ health information to ensure that patients receive the right care, from the right health care providers, at the right time.


EDEN provides subscribers with timely notifications about their members’ healthcare encounters.


PULSE enables authorized users to access medication and clinical histories to improve direct patient care for individuals who have been displaced outside their normal healthcare environment, conduct epidemiological assessments, and initiate other public health activities.


The SANER Project is an industry-wide collaboration that aims to revolutionize outdated and unreliable data-sharing processes to improve real-time situational awareness of health care system capacity in public health emergencies.


Should I Get Certified?

If you or your organization uses, stores and/or exchanges protected health information (PHI), you are considered a “covered entity” as defined by Texas Medical Records Privacy Act and would benefit from certification.

SECURETexas Standards & Vendors

Review the break down of standards and learn how can assist with SECURETexas certifications.

Certification Pricing

SECURETexas certification pricing is based on the covered entity’s number of employees. Please note that certification pricing is in addition to the price paid to the SECURETexas preferred vendor for assessment services.