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Discharge C-CDA Minimum Data-Set Content

September 14, 2022  Texas Health Services Authority hosts a multi-disciplinary, vendor agnostic collaborative supporting interoperability in Texas. The Collaborative serves to address challenges with timely, trusted data exchange across multiple public and private...

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Our Press Releases

EDEN Data Source Assistance Program

EXPIRES AUGUST 31, 2022! The Texas Health Services Authority (THSA) was created by the Texas Legislature to establish statewide health information exchange capabilities. As part of this charge, THSA manages a statewide health...

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THSA Releases RFI for Financial Institution

THSA is seeking information from financial institutions (“Respondents”) as the THSA further considers its banking needs. Specifically, THSA is gathering information in preparation to seek a financial institution that will (1) recognize and attest to the fact that THSA...

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