The Texas Health Services Authority will be one of 21 state offices and agencies undergoing the biennial legislative evaluation known as the Sunset Review during the Legislature’s 2015 session.

The Texas Sunset Advisory Commission was established in 1977 in order to review the effectiveness of Texas state agencies and determine their value. The Commission is made up of five Texas House Members, five Senators, and two members of the public, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Commission’s main function is to propose recommendations to the Texas Legislature to improve the operations of state government through comprehensive reviews of agencies’ operations and policies. Recommendations by Sunset typically aim to eliminate wasteful programs or efforts that serve similar functions in multiple agencies.

The THSA sunset review began earlier this year with the Sunset staff reviewing THSA’s self-evaluation report, receiving input from interested parties and developing their own draft recommendations based on their findings. Along with deciding the future of the agency, the review also analyzes the agency’s key functions, its effectiveness in carrying out duties, and lists suggestions to enhance operations.

The Sunset report on THSA is expected to be released in early October with a public hearing on the findings and recommendations planned for November 12 and 13. You may click here for more information the THSA Sunset review.

Sunset Review of THSA Moves Forward