To ensure that health information exchange (HIE) in Texas operates under accepted and uniform standards in the handling of protected health information (PHI), THSA partnered with the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), a non-profit standards development organization, to assist in the development and operation of the Texas HIE Accreditation program. The program is designed to improve HIE coverage and interoperability for all Texans and provides a mechanism to establish trust in HIE.

Several local HIEs recently announced that they have received Texas HIE Accreditation, showcasing their ability to safely and securely transmit PHI. Rio Grande Valley HIE, which covers Brooks, Cameron, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg, Kenedy, Webb, Willacy, Starr and Zapata counties; Paso del Norte HIE, which covers the greater El Paso community; and Greater Houston Healthconnect, which primarily serves Southeastern Texas, including 23 counties and 6.8 million people, each demonstrated their commitment to protecting health information through the achievement of EHNAC accreditation.

Through the accreditation process, EHNAC reviews technical performance, business processes, resource management and other relevant information to ensure local HIEs are interoperable with state and federal programs, and provide the private, secure and proper exchange of health information in accordance with established laws and public policy. By completing the rigorous accreditation process, local HIEs demonstrate adherence to strict standards and participation in the comprehensive, objective evaluation of its business.

George Gooch, interim CEO of THSA, stated: “Increasing confidence and trust is vital to expanding health information exchange across the state. The Texas HIE Accreditation program is an important milestone for local HIEs to achieve and serves to reinforce to constituents that processes are in place to ensure privacy and to facilitate the secure and appropriate exchange of protected health information. Congratulations to Rio Grande Valley HIE, Paso del Norte HIE and Greater Houston Healthconnect for achieving this important accreditation.”

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EHNAC Accreditation Strengthening Trust in Local HIEs