Marking a significant achievement in the advancement of health information exchange in Texas, the six major hospital systems in San Antonio have now placed their health care records into electronic form and are sharing them securely via Health Access San Antonio (HASA), the local health information exchange. This accomplishment makes San Antonio the first major city in Texas to fully engage all hospitals to exchange medical information through the local HIE.

The exchange of health records is particularly important in reducing duplicate medical tests, a major contributor to skyrocketing health care costs. By being part of a health information exchange, physicians avoid the common occurrence of not receiving paper records from tests conducted on the orders of another physician.

HASA currently offers hospitals a suite of services including viewing real-time data from neighboring systems in an aggregated format; managing the continuum of care for patients in high-risk situations; providing real-time alerts for referring physicians when their patients visit the hospital; and running reports on community readmissions rates between hospital systems on a real-time basis.

According to Gijs van Oort, CEO of HASA, “The ultimate goal of health information exchange is to make electronic health records truly portable, so people who happen to go to the hospital in other cities will have their medical records instantly available.” He continued, “With the major hospitals in San Antonio now utilizing electronic health records and exchanging these records securely via HASA, the next step is to extend electronic medical records to individual doctors’ offices and neighborhood clinics. We really hope that the fact that the hospitals have seen the value and have banded together to make this happen, this is an impetus for the physicians to really start getting involved.”

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Achieving HIE Milestone: All Major San Antonio Hospital Systems Now Exchanging Health Records Electronically