What is HIETexas EDEN?

The HIETexas Emergency Department Event Notification (EDEN) System allows healthcare organizations to monitor patients for care coordination in near real-time as they move through the care continuum, ensuring that their patients are not lost during transitions of care, such as admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT). HIETexas partners with public and private entities provide this service on a statewide, standardized basis, thus streamlining interoperability across the State of Texas.

Patient Subscribers

Hospital Subscribers


Data Senders

HIETexas EDEN Helps Organizations

Improve Care Coordination

Clinicians and care managers can receive timely EDEN notifications about hospitalizations, act promptly, and direct patients to the most appropriate care settings.

21st Cures Compliance

Enables the automatic routing of ADT data from hospitals in a manner compliant with the 21st Cures Act Final Rule.

Reduce Avoidable Utilization

Whether you are a PCP who needs to know when, where, and why a patient is hospitalized, or a treating physician who needs insight into a patient’s relationships, EDEN enables the necessary engagement to make proper clinical decisions and dispositions.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

EDEN notifications improve communications, and streamline workflows between care providers and case team managers – this leads to greater patient engagement and satisfaction.

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