The tide is turning. Data breaches are in the news just about every day, and consumers are more aware than ever of how organizations utilize their sensitive information in light of recent data privacy scandals.

If these issues keep you up at night, then you should obtain SECURETexas certification – the first state program of its kind in the country for health information privacy and security, which certifies compliance with state and federal laws that govern the use of protected health information (PHI). SECURETexas, managed by the Texas Health Services Authority (THSA) in conjunction with multiple industry experts selected as Preferred Vendors, offers healthcare entities an officially sanctioned process to ensure they have recognized protections in place.

Not only will SECURETexas certification increase consumer confidence in how your organization handles sensitive information, but it also entitles you to mitigate fines and penalties for any potential violations of the Texas Medical Records Privacy Act.

SECURETexas certification can be attained in FIVE SIMPLE STEPS.

Data privacy keeping you up at night?